Stillborne from Edinburg, Texas pummel the senses with an explosively heavy alternative rock sound. Whether it is intensely brutal or slower and emotional, it is always Stillborne. A band with a refreshing balance between hard rock and heavy metal their dedicated attitude separates them from the pack and establishes them are a force to be reckoned with. With a tour in 2009 in the works and a brand new album on its way due in Spring of '09, Stillborne is not going to let anything stop them from achieving their goals. They have either won or placed in the top three in every battle of the bands they have ever played and have opened most notibly for Flyleaf, which had over a 1000 fans present, Soil, Allele (ex-members of Cold), Egypt Central, Midnight to Twelve, Jet Black Stare, Miser, Mankind is Obsolete, Army of Freshmen, and even LA Guns. Songs like "Nothings Fine" and "More Than Yourself" typify the difference in approach and the diversity of styles exhibited in Stillborne's music. Already with a dedicated fanbase in their local scene, Stillborne urges their fans to write them to set up shows. Look for them in your hometown, Stillborne is ready to take the world by storm.

"Stillborne is more than just a band. We are emotionally charged musicians. In our writing process, we try to incorporate everyone's perspective on day-to-day situations, which may be nothing to the world, but are the world to us. We are fueled by love and hate. This dichotomy sets us apart from other bands in the local RGV scene. Izaak, the drummer, is the heartbeat of the band keeping the group in sync with each other with his powerful pounding of the drums. Skootr, the guitarist, is the hard metal edge that brings the shape to our volatile music, which is tamed by rhythm guitarist Frank, who brings the melodic feel and breaths of fresh air into our music. Mark, the bassist, brings the fullness that is lacking in most groups today. Matthew, lead singer, is the guidance and ambition of Stillborne; he brings emotion to the music with his powerful voice, which is only matched by his awe-inspiring stage presence. To experience Stillborne LIVE is to witness the ambient soul of each and every one of us poured out into our music."

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